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Reptiles – Wall Cladding

Luxury Reptile Pits & Enclosures
Weather it be a magnificent luxury custom rock reptile enclosure with rock stand and lid, a large dramatic rock or a rock wall for your reptile pit, or a simple backdrop for your plastic enclosure or just a few functional rocks for your reptile to enjoy, we’ll turn it out for you. Any size project or enclosure, and any budget. Free delivery all Brisbane and Gold Coast areas for rock enclosures only. Manufactured with a special 100% real stone finish in RED-CENTRE, GREY GRANITE with LIMESTONE or mid BROWN.

Rock Wall Cladding (suitable for indoor and outdoor use)
For any fence, wall, or reptile enclosure. 50mm –  100mm – 200mm thick by 8 x 4 feet  (1.2M x 2.4M). Comnects with acrylic liquid nails and or by screws.

From lizards to zoo crocodiles, we can construct artificial rocks from a small terrarium to an entire enclosure. Rock wall cladding and hide rocks, ledges and caves, we do it all for snakes and lizards.